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Attention Skyblockisland Players,

We'd first off like to Congratulate Jenniemstaat for Moderator and ToxxicKitten for Moderator. I wish you both luck in your Administrative duties. (Hopefully I don't have to yell at you ;) )

Since we have to promoted Staff members we now have some open positions for Helper. We are only hiring 3 Helpers though so good luck! and remember the more detail in your application the more I like it!

Please use the tab above that says "Apply" to apply for staff.
Discussions The server is shut down, but will be set up again by User soon. If he sticks to his promise, we will have a nice, new ...
msseltz Why is the server down??
SparkledHippo Whats up with the server rn XD

Spawn Contest Winner

KenzieRiann posted Oct 22, 13
All of the staff had a hand in voting, and chose the entry that had the best potential, and the best design. 

It was a tough time to judge, but in the end, we came down to one winner. 

And the winner is....

likeaboss356 !

We loved the design of it, and will have to make some modifications to it, but the overall idea and design will remain the same. 

I'd also like to give an honourable mention to X_OO_X.  You came in second place, and although you weren't our winner, we will keep your design for future ideas/reference. 

Congrats to our winner, and good job everyone!
_MagnusPlayz_ hei all! i love skyblock Island but why is down?
Esssence Good work! ...
Acerx999 AWESOME
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